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Work - Organisational

Lynne Spencer is particularly experienced in organisational development (OD) in its widest sense. She has acted as coach, mentor, mediator, facilitator, trainer, researcher and consultant in many organisations; large, small and medium sized, in the private, public and voluntary sectors.

The issues dealt with can be many and varied. Perhaps a newly appointed executive with little managerial experience or confidence, a CEO struggling to achieve their vision, a manager with a difficult situation, a company restructuring to meet new market conditions, building a new or existing team, disagreements between partners, setting up a performance management scheme, an ambitious employee keen to influence policy, troubled staff, or simply the need for self knowledge and better ways of working, behaving or feeling.

This list is not exhaustive. If you have a situation at work which you would like to talk over, please contact Lynne by e mail to arrange a free half hour telephone consultation.

Team Building

Part of an expert group of MBTI users, Lynne will adapt a standard half day team presentation to suit your individual organisation’s needs. This is enjoyable and fun, but also has an underlying self development and self knowledge message. Participants leave with a much enhanced sense of their own and others’ efficacy. Tolerance, understanding and an appreciation of diversity will also result from an understanding of your personality Type and those of your colleagues.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is probably the best known personality inventory in the world. It was developed by a mother and daughter team in the first half of the twentieth century, based on the theories of Carl Jung, the eminent psychologist. It is not allowed to be used in any judgmental or discriminatory way and therefore cannot be used for selection, only teambuilding or personal development. It emphasises the ‘gifts’ people have and does not focus on faults at all, which makes it a very positive, rewarding and life enhancing experience.

Lynne will also run other half day group sessions which are suitable for team ‘Away Days’, or special interest groups, for example on getting along with others, learning styles, how to be happier at work and increase professionalism at the same time, using the acclaimed ‘Fish’ training film, managing your own career, working mothers etc. The emphasis is on fun and learning about yourself, in a non threatening environment which aims to bring about better working relations as well as a memorable event.

Lynne Spencer's Clients Include

Bar Council, BBC, Border Television, Britvic Soft Drinks, Civil Service, Clark's Shoes, Del Monte Foods, Digital Equipment Company, Eagle Star Insurance, Ernst & Young, ICI, Lindex Fashion, London Borough of Southwark, London Business School, London Fire Brigade, London University, Lucas Engineering, Marks & Spencer, NALGO, Pepe Jeans, Prudential Insurance, Royal Institute for the Blind, Sara Lee, South Bank University, Unilever PLC

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