Adding value... to match your means


What are your relationships like?

What patterns of behaviour do you consistently adopt?

How do you react to stress?

Have you go too much going on?

What have become habits, perhaps self defeating ones?

How do you play? And how often ?

How could you introduce more fun into your life or work ?

Who makes you feel happy ?

What makes you laugh ?

What is your balance of exercise, ‘ work’, relaxation and sleep ?

What really makes you feel good ?

How would you design your ideal life ?

What are your values ? This is not "just" about what political party you may vote for, or not, but what are your ethics ? What kind of a world would you like to live in ?

Who and what matters to you ?

What are the good parts of your life ? How can you increase them ?

The answers to all these questions, and more, can be worked out , and worked on