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Most people aspire to being happy. Success is not necessarily the same as happiness, and there are many different interpretations of both. As a psychologist and counsellor, Lynne has a clear concept of what it takes to achieve happiness, backed up by a solid knowledge of positive psychology and behavioural therapy. She takes a holistic view of the client, taking time to get to know their underlying attitudes, preferences, personality and issues. A certain amount of self insight is required in the process and this is facilitated in a friendly and supportive way.

Clients can range in age from teenagers to retirees and come from any background. With an extensive experience of many occupations and all walks of life, Lynne will take an open minded and client centred approach with each individual, listening carefully and expertly to them, helping them to articulate their goals and values and test ideas. Using psychometrics, research, exercises from her book, ‘Life and Career’, suggested reading (some from her extensive library of carefully chosen and readable books and audio CDs), clients will gradually achieve a stronger sense of self, along with greater confidence, certainty and autonomy. This in turn is an empowering process which facilitates learning how to help themselves.

Whilst we live in a relatively privileged society, nevertheless individuals do find life can be tough from time to time. During these times, by close listening and appropriate person centred questioning, Lynne will take time to understand a client’s dilemmas and teach appropriate coping strategies which will then remain with them for life.

When the going is good, it is also helpful to know oneself better so that life can be lived to the full, relationships developed and every opportunity maximised. Sometimes it is not pragmatically possible to put into immediate effect every change that is desired, but a realistic and long term action plan can always be worked out.

Client references, organisational and individual, are available on request.