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Benefits Of Career Coaching

Ever sat down to write your CV or apply for a position and thought ‘this is important but I donít know what Iím doing?’

Just talking out loud, uninterruptedly, to an unbiased person who concentrates on your agenda and responds intelligently can be very helpful in clarifying dilemmas that have been preying on your mind. This is the primary basis of counselling. A good career coach will listen thoroughly to your story and empathise with your concerns. The advantage to seeing a career coach is that they a) they know about job markets, CVs, application forms, interviews, networking and social networking and how to maximise your impact with all of these and b) they should combine this with coaching techniques which facilitate understanding and decision making. Good coaching alone is a wonderfully liberating process!

There is no check on career coaches and anyone can set up as one Ė indeed, anyone can call themselves a counsellor or a coach, alarmingly. They are all unregulated.

Why see an occupational psychologist who is also a career coach? (Not all occupational psychologists will be trained in the rather specialist art of career coaching). A chartered psychologist has a professional accountability for their conduct and standards to the British Psychological Society, in the same way that a medical doctor will to the GMC. A chartered occupational psychologist will have undertaken several years supervised practice beyond their Masters degree, usually specialising in such areas as assessment, psychometrics, training, organisational development and coaching.

In Lynneís case, she combines a lifelong interest in career and self -development with an in depth knowledge of psychometrics, interview skills, organisational experience in HR, consultancy and management. Lynne designed and delivers the Career Coaching open course for the prestigious Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), so she has taught many others the skills of career coaching too. She has a particular interest in ‘happiness’ and positive psychology which she keeps up to date with extensive reading, book reviewing for the Open University and representing occupational psychology on the editorial Board of the popular coaching magazine, ‘Coaching at Work’. She works as an organisational consultant too, which also updates her with developments in the corporate, public and voluntary sectors. She combines all her knowledge with empathy and strong insight to produce a blend of reassuring creativity, self help and advice.

After the first session, you will come out with a range of ideas and recommendations to further your thinking about what you want to do next. If you choose to return, further sessions will refine your written applications, networking and interviewing skills, self - knowledge, motivation and confidence, whilst continually referring back, checking your mood and ensuring the right track is embarked upon and stayed on!

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